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DashStudios is a movie, coding, animation, and more. We make movies, animations, coding, animal videos, and even more.

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Code Tutorial

In this article I'll teach you some coding. If you want to learn more click on the link; DashCoding here or on the header.

Text Appearances (HTML)

Text Appearances are easy; just like HTML. Heres an example:

No More DisneyWorld

No more... No more DisneyWorld. DisneyWorld no more, we don't need any more casualties! Since DisneyWorld is so famous, it must have casualties.

Border Radiuses (CSS)

In CSS there are two ways to use the border radius, either typing webkit then typing border radius like this: -webkit-border-radius or just type border-radius. Heres an example:

This box used webkit to round its border.

This box used border radius to round its border.

Canvas (JS)

Okay, this is where it gets kindof complicated; if your not familiar with JavaScript. The canvas is apart of HTML5 but only editable through JavaScript. Heres an Example:

Oops... Your browser doesn't support the HTML5 canvas element.

Using KeyFrames From DashCoding (CSS)

I'm going to use keyframes to make rainbow text, in CSS.

Rainbow Text

Using More KeyFrames From DashCoding (CSS)

The keyframes command is apart of css. Heres an example:

Glowing Text

Input Tag (HTML)

Using the input tag; it allows you to put usernames, passwords, and more. Heres an example:



Making Cutout Text

Heres an example:


Creating A Profile Card

Heres an example:

John Doe

CEO & Founder, Example

Harvard University

Embedded Python Project

This game I've been working on for a pretty short time, a day and a few hours, but in the full version of the game, its supposed to be very long.